Bibles & Coffee

May your coffee be strong & your faith stronger

-about me-

I'm Jackie and I started Bibles and Coffee not knowing it would turn into this blossoming ministry. It all started when I was determined to learn how to hand letter, next thing I knew I was inspired to paint my bible and took the leap. I ended up LOVING the process of it. I decided that this was something I was called to do. My goal with this ministry is to spark as many conversations about our Lord and Savior as possible. I want to make The Word aesthetically pleasing to the eye and satisfying to the heart and soul. Jesus has blessed me in ways I never thought possible and Im so thankful for every single one of you that I have met on this wild journey. My amazing boyfriend, Mike, handles ALL YOUR SHIPPING!! Yay for Mike because I have no idea how to print shipping labels!! Together, we just want to love on Jesus and share that with you. 


Thank you x a million for so much support and love,