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The Ugly Truth

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I caught myself doing something a few weeks back and after digesting what happened, I figured I'd share it with you guys too. Its going to sound so silly to begin with, but I promise there is a message buried in it. 

So I've never been a crazy "shoe buying gal" or a "I need a trendy outfit gal." Ive honestly always been your causal jeans, tee, slide on sneakers and a messy bun kind kind of gal. 

But recently, I literally went SHOE/ CLOTHES CRAZY. I have no clue why I became so obsessed with buying shoes and everything I could get my hands on, but I did- maybe I felt in control of something? Who knows, but it made me feel good buying these things. So, in retrospective, there was a feeling of completeness and self happiness within me.

Fast forward to Saturday morning a few weeks back. I sat there in my bathroom trying to pick out a "cute outfit" to get coffee in, because thats what bloggers do, right? (Here's me trying to look and be like something I'm not.... first big no no)

Well, 15 outfits later and with about 2 dozen shoes lying all over my floor, I broke down into MASSIVE tears. I had everything I ever wanted right in front of me and yet I WAS BAWLING because I realized that this crap isn't what makes me happy.

What makes me happy is seeing mike smile, my puppy girls snuggles, friends laughing, worship at church, NOT MY OUTFIT OR MY SHOES. (face palm slap...)

So my point is this- maybe you don't have much and you crave tons of these materialistic things that you think will make you so happy and confident in your own skin or maybe you're the opposite and have it all but still feel like something is missing...

Let me tell you this: Happiness isn't found in shoes, it isn't found in clothes, it isn't found in expensive purses or jewelry, its not found in driving a nice car, or having a "Pinterest" apartment. Those things are all masked happiness, those are the things that are so exciting at first, but eventually the excitement fades away and you're left feeling empty all over again craving the next "thing".

These things are what we are told to let go of and follow Christ. The things we are meant to value and find happiness in cannot be purchased, they cannot be found in stores or online. They are found within YOU and found within ME. TOGETHER we have the potential to light up with world with our smiles, mannerisms, hearts, jokes, kindness and love. Together we can bring out the best of each other, together we can replace the happiness of materialistic things with the happiness of what this life is really about; to love on one another and be more like Christ. The gospel calls us to value EVERYTHING else in this world as virtually WORTHLESS compared to Jesus. 

So dear you that thinks "things" will make you cool or more desirable.... they won't; One major thing I struggle with daily is perfection, but you know what, who the freckle cares. Who cares what you wear, how good your makeup looks or what car you drive, because at the end of the day if your heart isn't aligned in love who's going to want to be your friend? Your HEART defines you. Not anything else; Remember that. 

Tons of love, 


Envy, gross....

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So I caught myself doing that AWFUL thing on social media the other day... Where I was looking at someone else's profile drooling in PURE ENVY. Wondering how I could live where they did, how I could make my profile look more glamorous like theirs... 🤢

EW Jackie! Stop it- that's not YOUR PURPOSE.

That's not what you were created to do, to bask in envy and jealousy.

So let me STOP YOU and RE-CLARIFY what you already know: 95% of what you see on social media is staged, fake and manipulated. Why on earth has society molded us to feel the need to meet these standards? It amazes me how envy is so easily hidden amongst what we 'see' as something so aesthetically pleasing?

As much as I would LOVE to say my photos aren't any of those, sometimes they are... (but like, come on, I gotta stage my florals or backdrops because nobody has that just lyin around) but I promise you this, one thing I refuse to manipulate is the way I live my life in person vs on social media. What you see is what you get. Do not let the world of social media dictate you to the point of envy because thats NOT who you are.

James 3:16 says, 'For where jealous and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.' So don't you dare let disorder and vile practice invade your heart, because it WILL CONSUME YOU.

Plus- letting envy invade your heart means it invades the home of Jesus (Jackie's new logic revealed) So before I go back on social media and get all jealous/filled with envy, Im going to think FIRST about who's home that invades. I'm going to PRAISE Him for what I have. Join me?

Sunday Funday

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Blogging is something I have always wanted to do, but never had the time for.... But it's on my list of MUSTS! I'm no fashion blogger/model (LOL) but I would love to give my blog a lifestyle feel, ya feel me?!

Soooo with that said, TONS of you are asking where I got my outfit from on Sunday. So I figured I'd share with you all here!  

Let me start off by saying... I will ONLY dress comfy... so it's normally leggings/shorts/pants and a tee or a maxi dress, but this outfit won me over! 

 ...this was 1 of the 2 decent photos Mike took of me.... enjoy :P




Overalls: Ripped Ankle Overalls by Abercrombie & Fitch

(No Tax and FREEEE Shipping at Spring, use my code and get $20 off your order of $75 or more AT THIS LINK)


BEST backpack ever, especially if you carry around your iPad daily, like me :P  


SO Comfy and come in multiple colors


I wore it first.....  


I dont know what other bloggers say when they post about their outfits, so I'll leave it at that 😝 




BEST face wash EVER

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I'm going to keep this short and sweet because, lets be real, long blog posts about a product can sometimes drag on too long.  

I have super temperamental adult acne and I hate trying new products, so when I came across this one I was SHOCKED to love it so much.  

1) Biore Charocal Acne Scrub, you can find it at any drug store

2) THIS IS GOLD.... Charcoal & Black Sugar Dual Action Scrub/ Facial Mask, I found mine at CVS

After washing my face I applied the scrub and holy moly my life changed. Apply my makeup after was SO amazing and my makeup stayed on longer without having to reapply anything.  




  Let me know if you try it/how it works for you!!   xoxo,    jackie


Let me know if you try it/how it works for you!!






Bibles x Coffee x Journaling

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Hey Guys! 

Here's me starting to BLOG!! I thought that it was only logical to start this blog with one of the most frequently asked questions I get: 'What do you use to mark up your bible?'

But before we dive into that, I just want to step back and remind you that it isn't about fancy watercolors, expensive pens, or EVEN how well you can 'doodle', what truly matters is WHAT you retain during your time in your bible. I've always retained stuff by rewriting it; there's something about writing it and seeing it written on paper that really helps it stick in my noggin.  So, whatever it may be that works for you, I dare you to say run with it!

Let's get started! 

1.) My Bible: So many of you ask what bible I use and I'm SO happy you do because the last 2yrs I've found, what I think to be, pretty stinkin amazing versions. Last year we read The Daily Walk and this year we are reading an ESV New Testament Daily Devotional. Between the two of them, they have commentary and do an amazing job breaking down what you just read + what you are about to read. This year bible even includes a 'Thoughts For Prayer' section at the end of every reading that really help associate what you just read with how it can be applicable to your life and how to pray for that specific thing. Extra prayer? Yes please!

2.) Highlighters: Almost every highlighter I have every tried has bleed through the page making it so annoying to flip the page to discover that it's already been marked up..... Until I quickly grabbed a cheap pack of highlighters last minute at a CVS and fell in LOVE! Caliber highlights are available at CVS for $3.29 but, more often than not, you can find them on sale for $1.... that's right... ONE DOLLAR!

3.) Ball Point Pens: A week ago I would have told you my favorite pens were from The Dollar Tree, but this past week I may have found life changing pens... please don't tell me I'm the only pen freak?! There's something about a great pen that makes you WANT to write :P I am happy to introduce you to these Cynthia Roweley pens I found at a local Staples. A 3 pack is $3.99 and it may be the best $3.99 I've ever spent. Seriously. 

4.) Sticky Notes: Ill use any kind of sticky note, big, small, tabs etc. A sticky note is a sticky note! 

5.) Paper clips: These I almost always find in the dollar bins at Michaels. They always have gold ones and I'm a sucker for gold so I'll grab a few packs because they go MIA almost as fast as my bobby pins..... 

6.) Random Knicknacks: I find tons of fun random stuff from Michaels. My most recent purchase was some banner style stickers. 'The Planner' makes fun things to toss around and have fun with! 



A Lot Can Happen In A Year

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Happy January 2nd or 3rd depending on when you read this.... In case you don't know me, my name is Jackie and it is so stinkin hard to get me to sit still for a few minutes to write a blog post BUT I tend to ALWAYS have something on my heart that I want to share with you. So I'm making a goal to start blogging more and talking with you guys about all sorts of stuff. 

ANYWHOOOO. here I am with my glass of wine trying to find the words to get what I want to say bear with me (: 

For some, 2016 was a year to remember- full of hope, love, success. For others it was constant heartbreak, barriers and loss. Well, I meet you here, in the middle. I meet you here in this moment of time, wherever you may be to remind you that our hope resides in Jesus Christ alone, not what the world tricks you into hoping for. 

2016 my boyfriend and I decided to read the whole bible- Cover to cover no matter how busy we were ( which We completed, first New Years goal EVER completed!!). Well...... come mid January I was unemployed GO FIGURE. Move onto April when I FINALLY got a job, it was my dream job with every fiber in me. Notice I said 'was'. June 28th everything changed when I finally STOPPED living by my own means and, from the pit of my heart, prayed that God would use me to share the gospel- something I NEVER thought I would do. Bibles and Coffee sort of took flight that next day before I wasn't even packed for the adventure yet.

My point is this: 

1. God took away from me what He knew was done strengthening me (my career had plateaued and I could no longer learn anything new) 

2. He gave me the quiet time I needed to get over my intimidation of the Bible and it resulted with me getting HOOKED. (Someone once told me my fire for Jesus was TOO hot, them saying that burned me a little and for quite a while. But now, I'm thankful for that compliment.)

3. Everyone has different timing. So don't get caught up in others success. You're time will come. Fix your eyes on Jesus because what you want and what He wants FOR YOU are most likely polar opposites (never in a million years would I have ever imagine that I would have a ministry?! Seriously.....whuuuuuuuuut) 


So walk into the New Year with me, don't run because you'll get tired fast. Walk. Take your time. Gods plan for you is more than just a goal to lose weight or to find a healthy relationship because we have all been there... myself included. 


Here's my New Years 'goals' 

1. Read the New Testament in 365 days  

2. Read 6 or more books alongside The New Testament ... I'm starting with 'We Are Called To Rise'

3. Whole 30 in February (Join me?? Let me know!)

4. Whole 30 in May

5. Whole 30 in July  

6. Cut out gluten (it really hurts me and I'm not careful enough) 

7. Play tennis once a month  

8. Give care bags to the poor

9. Buy myself a computer ( splurge )

10. Find a way to connect more with the kids at church

11. Develop a bible study

12. Work full time for Bibles and Coffee


I've attached a checklist below. Save it. Print it. Doodle on it. Write those goals and check those boxes off and lets look back on in at the end of the year together. 


it may be a new year but it doesn't have to be a new you. You are you. Always embrace Gods glory in the moment you are in. 


Cheers you guys! 


2016 Non-Basic Goals  (;

2016 Non-Basic Goals  (;


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Lets talk real. Because sometimes the things that have hurt us the most in our lives are the things that can open up someone else's hurting heart to realize they are not alone.


One year ago this week my life had its second largest 'crash, bang, booms' in my 25yrs of life. The first being finding out that my mom was a 10+yr long meth addict. I spent the first half of last year watching her go in and out of psych wards for months. I watched her so drugged in the hospitals that she would literally fall asleep in her plate of food at dinner time. I witnessed her run away from a hospital leaving me to go to the local police station to file a missing persons report. I witnessed her run away from rehab and crawl over our balcony in the middle of the day because she didn't agree with them. I've witnessed her sober up and attend her AA meetings and I've witnessed her relapse and hear 'voices' controlling her every move.


One year ago you wouldn't ever have guess that I was going through anything out of the norm, I held myself together very well. You wouldn't have known that I was financially making more than triple what I am now, I tried to keep that on the DL. You wouldn't have ever imagined the amount of anxiety and mental abuse I was encountering each and every day living in a world of wonder and questioning how I got to this point of such unhappiness in my life.


Its funny how when things "seem perfect" on social media and in small chat they most likely are the exact opposite.... A year ago today I walked away from a horribly toxic 3yr long job that even talking about gives me a sense of anxiety that makes me feel like I need to literally pull my hair out, cry and curl up in a ball and hide from the world. I walked away with NO back up plan, barely any savings, a pep talk and support from my sister and boyfriend and that was it.


Looking back now, I can't help but thank Jesus for guiding me to this new season this year. He has blessed me with the most patient, understanding and loving man. He guided me through 4 months of unemployment and guided me to a new career. He blossomed a ministry in a season of my life when flowers shouldn't have survived. He has been by my side every step of the way, it just took me saying "Jesus I need YOU" for Him to open my eyes to what life is really about.


So for you who feel under qualified, unworthy, unloved, confused, abused, misplaced, misunderstood- no matter what you are feeling- YOU are LOVED, YOU are CARED FOR and UNDERSTOOD and WORTHY.


Just because God put me through all of this doesn't mean He doesn't love me, looking back- I was the ONLY person in my moms presence CAPABLE of helping her. I was the only person that could even attempt to help her. If I hadn't, nobody would have. Im thankful for the hard times I've encountered, I'm thankful because it's clearer than ever that life will never work out how we intend for it to because its not in our control.


God's grace saved me. His grace continues to save me. Hurt and pain are guaranteed in this world. Jesus tells is that we will have trouble BUT that we can take heart because He has overcome the world! (John 16:33)


Everyone is always going to be going through different seasons in their life but we all have the same love and worth in Jesus Christ- that won't ever change. Praying for you all.


Yay for change

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Life throws you curveballs sometimes and you can either get disappointed and walk away with resentment on your shoulders OR you can pick that bat back up and get ready to swing again even harder than before despite what the result may be. That's what God wants us to do, He doesn't want us walking away when times get hard but instead RISING up in light of whatever your situation may be. Last week I found out that someone bought the domain and I was broken and angry and just so hurt (to say the least...) I've worked so hard watching this company develop and grow that to see someone swoop in and obtain my name really crushed my heart. But today, I laugh at my actions because a domain name doesn't define what God is doing in my life through this company and in my heart. Im brushing it under the rug and SO PROUDLY introducing you guys to that my boyfriend has worked so incredibly hard on. You guys make this all possible. You guys shine in Gods glory. Im forever gratefully humbled by all your support.


Ephesians 2:10 says that, "For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do" Gods known my story before I was born and I'm so excited to live it out all in His name 🙌🏻 5 more days to shop bibles until the stores Christmas pre orders November 1st! Can't wait to get my hands on your bibles! 🤗


ps I'll be blogging Tuesdays and thursdays from now on! 🙌🏻💃🏻🙌🏻💃🏻