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A Lot Can Happen In A Year

Jackie Rau

Happy January 2nd or 3rd depending on when you read this.... In case you don't know me, my name is Jackie and it is so stinkin hard to get me to sit still for a few minutes to write a blog post BUT I tend to ALWAYS have something on my heart that I want to share with you. So I'm making a goal to start blogging more and talking with you guys about all sorts of stuff. 

ANYWHOOOO. here I am with my glass of wine trying to find the words to get what I want to say bear with me (: 

For some, 2016 was a year to remember- full of hope, love, success. For others it was constant heartbreak, barriers and loss. Well, I meet you here, in the middle. I meet you here in this moment of time, wherever you may be to remind you that our hope resides in Jesus Christ alone, not what the world tricks you into hoping for. 

2016 my boyfriend and I decided to read the whole bible- Cover to cover no matter how busy we were ( which We completed, first New Years goal EVER completed!!). Well...... come mid January I was unemployed GO FIGURE. Move onto April when I FINALLY got a job, it was my dream job with every fiber in me. Notice I said 'was'. June 28th everything changed when I finally STOPPED living by my own means and, from the pit of my heart, prayed that God would use me to share the gospel- something I NEVER thought I would do. Bibles and Coffee sort of took flight that next day before I wasn't even packed for the adventure yet.

My point is this: 

1. God took away from me what He knew was done strengthening me (my career had plateaued and I could no longer learn anything new) 

2. He gave me the quiet time I needed to get over my intimidation of the Bible and it resulted with me getting HOOKED. (Someone once told me my fire for Jesus was TOO hot, them saying that burned me a little and for quite a while. But now, I'm thankful for that compliment.)

3. Everyone has different timing. So don't get caught up in others success. You're time will come. Fix your eyes on Jesus because what you want and what He wants FOR YOU are most likely polar opposites (never in a million years would I have ever imagine that I would have a ministry?! Seriously.....whuuuuuuuuut) 


So walk into the New Year with me, don't run because you'll get tired fast. Walk. Take your time. Gods plan for you is more than just a goal to lose weight or to find a healthy relationship because we have all been there... myself included. 


Here's my New Years 'goals' 

1. Read the New Testament in 365 days  

2. Read 6 or more books alongside The New Testament ... I'm starting with 'We Are Called To Rise'

3. Whole 30 in February (Join me?? Let me know!)

4. Whole 30 in May

5. Whole 30 in July  

6. Cut out gluten (it really hurts me and I'm not careful enough) 

7. Play tennis once a month  

8. Give care bags to the poor

9. Buy myself a computer ( splurge )

10. Find a way to connect more with the kids at church

11. Develop a bible study

12. Work full time for Bibles and Coffee


I've attached a checklist below. Save it. Print it. Doodle on it. Write those goals and check those boxes off and lets look back on in at the end of the year together. 


it may be a new year but it doesn't have to be a new you. You are you. Always embrace Gods glory in the moment you are in. 


Cheers you guys! 


2016 Non-Basic Goals  (;

2016 Non-Basic Goals  (;