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Bibles x Coffee x Journaling

Jackie Rau

Hey Guys! 

Here's me starting to BLOG!! I thought that it was only logical to start this blog with one of the most frequently asked questions I get: 'What do you use to mark up your bible?'

But before we dive into that, I just want to step back and remind you that it isn't about fancy watercolors, expensive pens, or EVEN how well you can 'doodle', what truly matters is WHAT you retain during your time in your bible. I've always retained stuff by rewriting it; there's something about writing it and seeing it written on paper that really helps it stick in my noggin.  So, whatever it may be that works for you, I dare you to say run with it!

Let's get started! 

1.) My Bible: So many of you ask what bible I use and I'm SO happy you do because the last 2yrs I've found, what I think to be, pretty stinkin amazing versions. Last year we read The Daily Walk and this year we are reading an ESV New Testament Daily Devotional. Between the two of them, they have commentary and do an amazing job breaking down what you just read + what you are about to read. This year bible even includes a 'Thoughts For Prayer' section at the end of every reading that really help associate what you just read with how it can be applicable to your life and how to pray for that specific thing. Extra prayer? Yes please!

2.) Highlighters: Almost every highlighter I have every tried has bleed through the page making it so annoying to flip the page to discover that it's already been marked up..... Until I quickly grabbed a cheap pack of highlighters last minute at a CVS and fell in LOVE! Caliber highlights are available at CVS for $3.29 but, more often than not, you can find them on sale for $1.... that's right... ONE DOLLAR!

3.) Ball Point Pens: A week ago I would have told you my favorite pens were from The Dollar Tree, but this past week I may have found life changing pens... please don't tell me I'm the only pen freak?! There's something about a great pen that makes you WANT to write :P I am happy to introduce you to these Cynthia Roweley pens I found at a local Staples. A 3 pack is $3.99 and it may be the best $3.99 I've ever spent. Seriously. 

4.) Sticky Notes: Ill use any kind of sticky note, big, small, tabs etc. A sticky note is a sticky note! 

5.) Paper clips: These I almost always find in the dollar bins at Michaels. They always have gold ones and I'm a sucker for gold so I'll grab a few packs because they go MIA almost as fast as my bobby pins..... 

6.) Random Knicknacks: I find tons of fun random stuff from Michaels. My most recent purchase was some banner style stickers. 'The Planner' makes fun things to toss around and have fun with!