Bibles & Coffee

May your coffee be strong & your faith stronger

What would the World be like?

Jackie Rau

If only 1 church was ever established, what would the world be like? If only 1 version of the bible was translated, what would we retain? If only 1 author published books, who would the audience be? If only 1 band produced music, who would listen? Thankfully, the world isn't like that and churches, translations, books, music have spread like wildfire. I created this account to spread the Gospel like wildfire, what began as a typography/ doodling account has quickly turned into such beauty and grace ALL in Gods name. Growing up I would choose art supplies over anything, painting and drawing is literally in my blood, I went to school for fashion design and felt that I couldn't impact people with fashion the way others could- So I dropped out of school and ended up here with you beautiful people. We need more people in the world listening to their calling and spreading the Gospel in any way, shape or form. I can't tell you how many people have come to me stating that this will be their FIRST bible ever. FIRST. How amazing is that?? There will never ever be enough people in this world who pave stepping stones for new believers. And all I want in this life is to be that stone; I want people to step on me to get closer to Jesus. Seeing others paving the road alongside of me as I am alongside of them is the greatest blessing of all. Lay down a stone today for someone to step on- whether that be a kind note, a phone call, a coffee, some fresh picked flowers, invite them onto the paved road into the Kingdom. 

Declare His glory among all the nations, His wonders among all the peoples | PSALM 96:3