Bibles & Coffee

may your coffee be strong & your faith be stronger

Q: Can I send you my personal Bible?

A: YES, you completely can. It doesn't matter what the condition of the cover is, ill send it back to you next to near NEW! All bibles are rebound, so you can guarantee any loose pages will be back in tack! 

Q: How do I customize a bible?

A: Start by selecting what version you would like, hit next and then you will be promoted a design page to fill out. Enter in as much as you can and feel FREE to email me additional inspiration :)

Q: When will I receive my bible?

A: Turn around time varies, but its an average 4 weeks, I work full time 9-5, M-F soooooooo I crank these bibles out as fast and patiently as I can. I don't ever want to rush a bible because of lack of time, praying over them through the process is the best part of all. 

Q: Being handmade, what happens if it falls apart?

A: These bibles have been put through rigorous conditions to ensure the most reliable and sturdy bible, if yours does loosen up PLEASE EMAIL ME! I would love to fix it up!! These are handmade, so thank you for your patience :)

Q: Will you paint me a bible, I don't know what I want

A: YES! I would love too, just tell me a few things about you and your initials and I would LOVE that

Q: Does the Bible come highlighted and with all my notes?

A: That is for YOU to do to dig deeper into the word! :) 

Q: What if the Bible version I want is not an option on my site?

A: Just shoot me an email at - I would be glad to accommodate and find a solution for you!

Q: What are Bible Inserts?

A: The Bible Insert is a black and white floral / geometric coloring page behind the front and back covers with the purpose of adding your own personal touch to color on your own.

Q: Do you ship internationally? What if my country is not listed as an option?

A: I absolutely ship internationally to any country desired! Not all countries will appear as an option, so just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to make that happen! I love seeing my Bibles go all around the world!