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My most frequently asked question is how creating a Bible for yourself works, so.. here is a special page dedicated to just that.

How It Works:

1) Select a design. You can choose between multiple THEMES OR Select CUSTOM to create your very own design. If you choose custom, you will be asked to explain in detail what you want on the order form or feel free to email me inspirational photos or memories you want brought to life, but please be reasonable as I'm not Picasso :)

  • Optional: Select if you want a tassel bookmark for a fun touch. These are my favorite.
  • Optional: Select if you want Bible inserts. Bible inserts are black and white coloring pages that are located on the inside covers of your Bible. These are super fun to color and add a personal touch!

2) Select your translation. Many of you ask what version I am currently reading- that would be the Jesus Bible NIV.  If you are new to reading the Bible, and don't know where to start, I suggest starting with an ESV or NIV translation- these are easily digestible. Journaling Bibles are available in NIV & ESV OR you can always opt to send me your own Bible.

*Just note, if you send me your own Bible and it is leather or soft cover, I will have to convert your Bible to a hard-cover*

3) After you've personalized your Bible, you will be prompted to fill out a design form, type in the scripture / lyrics / word / name / etc that you would like on the front and back of your Bible. Please keep in mind the shorter, the better. Anything over 8-10 words will start to look a bit crammed. If your verse is too long, I will be emailing you an alternative way to shorten it up! I HIGHLY suggest you have these types up in your notes so that you can copy and paste them into the form. I'm not kidding when I say these babies sell out quickly! Quickly as in less than 5 minutes most of the time.

4) Submit!

That's it! The more you have planned out and ready to go, the easier the ordering process will be. I highly recommend having all this information ready so when the shop opens you can copy and paste all your info into the required fields that you will find on the Bible page. The shop can sell out as quick as 10 minutes on opening day, so every minute counts!

If you have any other questions - feel free to email at

I look forward to painting you a Bible in the near future! <3