DIY Bible Tabs

In stock

WITH Watercolor Paint Set
Yes (+$3)

Ready to get crafty and paint your own set of your new favorite Bible tabs? That's right! I am SOOO excited to finally bring these to the shop to see how you design them to your own taste!

The tabs are designed to be used with watercolor paint sets, and will even work with markers!

For just an additional $3.00, add a Crayola Watercolor Paint set to your tabs so you can get started right away!

72 piece Peel and Stick Cardstock Bible Tabs

66 Books of the Bible (Genesis -> Revelation)

6 Additional Tabs just in case :)

Package Size 6" x 12"

* Note, not to be used with acrylic or high pigment paints - should only be used with watercolor paint sets *

Make sure you tag me @biblesandcoffee after you design your own! 🙃

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